Pre-Order Lunches

Boxed Lunches

Boxed Lunches $11.00 Boxed & Ready “TO-GO”Sandwich, Salad of the Day, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Potato Chips & a Piece of Whole Fruit Bread Italian Marble Rye Wheat Wraps Meat Turkey Roast Beef Corned Beef Ham Italian Cheese American Provolone Swiss Colby Jack

Pre-Ordered Lunches

Pre-Ordered Lunches $14.00 Custom Catering & Banquets can provide you with a limited pre-order menu. Just fill out your order at the beginning of your meeting & our staff will have your lunch ready at your scheduled break. Includes: Entrée, tray of assorted cookies, freshly brewed coffee, assorted hot teas, Iced tea & assorted sodas.

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