Sit Down Dinner

    • Sit Down Dinner

    • Dinners include a salad, Chef’s selection of starch and fresh vegetable. Along with Freshly brewed coffee, assorted teas, Iced tea, assorted sodas, bakery fresh dinner rolls, butter and assorted desserts.

      Select One

      Caesar Salad
      With Romaine lettuce, croutons & Parmesan cheese

      Fresh Garden Salad
      With a mixture of crisp greens, tomato wedges, sliced cucumbers, sliced mushrooms & Julienne carrots

      A choice or two dressings
      Ranch, Italian, Raspberry vinaigrette or Balsamic vinaigrette


    • Chicken Elizabeth


      Boneless breast sautéed golden brown, garnished with artichoke hearts & scallions. Finished with a tarragon white wine sauce.

    • Chicken Marsalis


      Sautéed boneless chicken breast coated with a rich amber colored wine sauce, garnished with sliced mushrooms.

    • Mediterranean Chicken


      Chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese, spinach & pine nuts, topped with a chicken valuate sauce.

    • Baked Breaded Chicken


      Boneless breast breaded with Italian breadcrumbs & baked to a juicy perfection.

    • Stuffed Chicken


      Chicken breast stuffed with bread stuffing, baked and topped with a chicken Demi.

    • Parmesan Crusted Cod


      Cod filet seasoned with butter, white pepper, lemon juice, & white wine. Topped with Panko crumbs & Parmesan cheese.

    • Norwegian Salmon with Dill Sauce


      Salmon filet seared & seasoned with butter, served with a lemon dill sauce.

    • Stuffed Cod with Crabmeat


      Boneless Cod filet filled with a seasoned crabmeat mixture coated with sweet butter & white wine.

    • Roasted Sliced Medallions of Beef


      Thinly sliced, slow roasted tenderloin of beef with a beef Demi glaze.

    • Apple Pecan Stuffed Pork Chop


      Boneless pork chop stuffed with apple pecan bread stuffing.

    • Medallions of Pork


      Thinly sliced pork medallions with a sage & rosemary demi glaze.

    • Stuffed Meatloaf


      Meatloaf stuffed with bread stuffing topped with a beef demi glaze.

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